Meet Rachelle

“The wisdom and compassion a woman can intuitively experience in childbirth can make her a source of healing and understanding for other women.”

– Stephen Gaskin

Rachelle Luczynski was drawn to the birthing and doula field out of her innate desire to help women find their inner strength and peace within the birthing process. She is honored to be a therapeutics, prenatal, and postnatal educator for women throughout Los Angeles.

Rachelle draws from her many years of experience, helping women prepare for birth mentally, physically, and emotionally. Since 1999, she has trained and worked as a Ayurveda yoga therapeutics teacher. Soon after, in 2003, she expanded her skillset to include prenatal and postnatal mom and baby yoga. Rachelle is a Dona trained Birth Doula by Anna Markel Bini Birth. She has passionately worked by the side of numerous families, supporting and assisting in 139 births and counting.


Rachelle offers an East meets West approach to her work as a birth coach, birth doula, and postpartum coach. She has received training in Western medical terminology from NICU nurses and received holistic wisdom from practitioners in Guatemala, Mexico, and Los Angeles. Rachelle offers the unique combination of physical and spiritual support during pre and postnatal time. Combining her extensive background in massage, reiki, aroma therapy, yoga practice, doula experience.


Rachelle Luczynski

Clients find comfort in Rachelle’s natural and innate ability to tune in with a mom’s mental, emotional and physical needs. During the birth, she can foresee the peak of the contraction and knows how to peacefully and quickly aid the mother. Post birth, she is trained in post part hormonal balancing and depression. At every stage of pregnancy, she acts as a medical advocate, utilizing her extensive knowledge of anatomy.


Known for her ability to soothe both mothers and newborns, Rachelle utilizes breathing techniques and yoga alignment to teach new and experienced moms how to center themselves in their own wisdom and peace.  From providing a foundation of confidence in prenatal education to helping moms create their own inner and often outer sanctuary, Rachelle gives each of her clients her undivided attention, care, and focus. She is honored to provide women with a healthy, positive, and inspired birthing and parenting experience.

Prenatal Coach

As a prenatal coach, Rachelle provides her clients with invaluable support and guidance. Pregnancy is a major transition for both the mother and partner. Rachelle offers guidance to assist families as they enter this new phase as parents with confidences, positivity, encouragement, and support.

Prenatal Fitness

Rachelle is a skilled instructor with a thorough understanding and education in the muscular, anatomical, and hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy. She artfully weaves her knowledge of Eastern and Western practices to create a meaningful physical workout for clients.

Birth Doula

Whether it’s your first or fourth birth, a doula offers professional continuous emotional and physical support. Rachelle is honored to helped countless women with prenatal and postnatal education, guiding and supporting them during childbirth.

Postpartum Parenting Coaching

Thinking about life after birth can feel overwhelming. Rachelle has spent almost a decade helping new and experienced mothers feel more relaxed, informed, and less anxious about the new life and beginning.

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