Prenatal Fitness


Pregnancy is the perfect time to get moving and stay active. Some women are concerned about starting or continuing a fitness program while pregnant. However, inactivity can be more dangerous than remaining active. Rachelle provides guided and personalized prenatal fitness programs. Her years of experience in prenatal yoga have made her a pillar of physical support.


In 1999, Rachelle began her training and work as an Ayurveda yoga therapeutics teacher. Later in 2003, she expanded her skillset to include prenatal and postnatal mom and baby yoga. Rachelle is passionate about helping women regain their confidence, strength, and muscle memory through providing them with custom and personalized training.


Pregnancy is a beautiful, unique, and interesting time and journey. Every woman has their own personal experience and Rachelle is always there to provide her clients with knowledge and guidance to avoid aches and pains. She has an innate ability to utilize movement to better the birthing process, and explains exercises and movement in a thoughtful and caring manner.


Rachelle is a skilled instructor with a thorough understanding and education in the muscular, anatomical, and hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy. She artfully weaves her knowledge of Eastern and Western practices to create a meaningful physical workout for clients. In her prenatal yoga group classes, Rachelle’s goal is to establish a community that fosters mutual respect and friendship. She is passionate about preparing new and experienced mothers for delivery and motherhood.

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