Prenatal Coaching

pregnancy coaching by Rachelle Luczynski

Counting weeks can lead to counting questions. There is so much thought, concern, and hope that goes into every pregnancy and Rachelle is honored to help so many women have an educated, knowledgable, and inspired birth.


As a prenatal coach, Rachelle provides her clients with invaluable support and guidance. Pregnancy is a major transition for both the mother and partner. Rachelle offers guidance to assist families as they enter this new phase as parents with confidences, positivity, encouragement, and  support.


Rachelle is a dedicated prenatal and pregnancy coach. She offers clients a unique and customized approach for each person and family. Utilizing her depth and range of experience she is able to instinctively diagnose the needs and areas for support, based on home visits. Through  discussion and observation, Rachelle is able to provide mothers and families with solutions that will work best for their unique situation given their priorities, styles, and personalities.


As a prenatal and pregnancy coach, Rachelle is a supportive and experienced birth planner that helps new and experienced moms create a healthy and positive birthing experience and journey.