Postpartum Parenting Coaching

Rachelle Luczynski

A great portion of pregnancy is spent planning for the birth of your child. It’s natural to put energy and thought into learning about body changes, labor, and birth. Thinking about life after birth can feel overwhelming. Rachelle has spent almost a decade helping new and experienced mothers feel more relaxed, informed, and less anxious about the new life and beginning.


Rachelle utilizes her training and experience as a doula, prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor to assist women in gracefully accepting and receiving motherhood. She has extensive training in lactation and is known for providing knowledgable and comforting assistance to new moms.


Trained in baby development, sleep coaching, and attachment parenting, she is passionate about helping new mothers and families welcome their new addition with as little stress as possible. Rachelle does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to birth or postpartum healing. Instead, she provides families with different paths and information, trusting their intuition.


In addition to emotional and mental support, Rachelle is always there to lend a hand, proudly acting as your domestic goddess, she assists with washing dishes and laundry. Her goal is to help ease as much stress as possible by providing suggestions, resources, help with selecting baby carriers, cribs, strollers, or other helpful items. Rachelle provides clients with invaluable guidance and tips for newborn care.


New and experienced mothers face unique and personal experiences after having a baby. Positive and planned postpartum healing not only benefits the mother, but it creates a confident, warm, and peaceful environment for your beautiful baby. The postnatal phase of birth is beaming with emotion, fatigue, and hope to provide constant love and support for this new life. Rachelle utilizes her years of experience as a doula and postpartum coach to help moms heal in a meaningful, inspired, and healthy way. Above all, Rachelle is honored to provide constant, consistent, and loving support for the mother and entire family.