Postpartum Fitness

postpartum fitness Rachelle Luczynski

Postpartum healing, fitness, and training is about more than getting back into your skinny jeans (although that is excellent motivation). It’s about giving your body the support, energy, and care it requires and deserves. Whether you’re a first time or experienced mother, it’s so important to make time for yourself, not only to heal, but to embrace and care for your body. Rachelle helps her clients regain and often excel their pre-pregnancy strength and shape, while helping them improve their overall health.


After having a baby women can feel like they’ve just brought two bodies into the world, their new baby and their new body. It’s common for many new and experienced mom’s to feel foreign in their own skin.


Since 1999, she has trained and worked as an Ayurveda yoga therapeutics teacher. Soon after, in 2003, she expanded her skillset to include prenatal and postnatal mom and baby yoga. Rachelle is passionate about helping women regain their confidence, strength, and muscle memory through providing them with custom and personalized training.